Ready to Gift
Hongzhe Liang

Thursday October 5th 2017


Calvin Klein underwear for my best friend, 5-pack cotton bikinis and 2 briefs

used Burberry wallet for my good-hearted uncle who once drove me around Beijing at 3am just for fun

5 dollar kimono for my nephew, sorry, really could not afford an iPad

4 Kirkland Dried Blueberries for not-so-nice aunt

honey honey honey honey honey honey calcium calcium calcium calcium fish oil fish oil fish oil fish oil

Classic Tortoise watch for whoever else will ask for a gift

old fashioned linen handbag for my step-mother and hope she likes it?

MacBook Air that I need to erase everything from before I give it to my cousin

brand new leather belt purchased online, Italy 

ebay Leica snapshot camera for Lei, my favorite

oh dad said a big bag of pistachio


Hongzhe Liang (b.1992, Yueyang, China)  is a Seattle based artist. He received his BFA in Photomedia at University of Washington, Seattle. Liang has shown at Veronica (Seattle),  Glass Box (Seattle),  3BHK (Fort Cochin) among others.

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