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Nostalgia for naught
Dori Hana Scherer
Opening Reception:
Thursday May 3rd, 6-9
Exhibition Dates:
May 3rd - June 10th, 2018

Specialist is pleased to present Nostalgia for naught, a solo exhibition by Dori Hana Scherer.
For her title piece, or what she refers to as “the title track of my first record,” Scherer designed a
poster replicating Seattle’s Parks and Recreation park name and amenity signs throughout the
city. The parks department calls them their “rainbow signs,” and their locally-known colored
stripes as well as their font, are currently being redesigned. Nostalgia for naught sets the tone of
the show, proclaiming remembered and recycled imagery lost in a sea of fabricated fantasy and
Scherer’s low relief, image-heavy sculptures suggest exterior signage and advertisements,
interior decor and toys. They mix familiar icons and hackneyed aesthetics as a sort of psychic
visual game. Her titles are hints or doorways with which to enter the work, while the abstraction
of symbols and process becomes a tool to both negate and make meaning.
Scherer began this body of work after moving back to her hometown of Seattle, processing
rapid development and change in the city. Thinking about the nostalgia of her own generation as
well as the nostalgia inherited from her parent’s Woodstock generation, the result is a mystical
and poetic show, negotiating personal, local and cultural identity.

Dori Hana Scherer lives and works in Seattle, WA. She got her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago and is currently getting her masters there as well in their low-residency MFA program. She has
shown in two-person exhibitions at Actual Size in Los Angeles and Twelve Galleries in Chicago, and has
been in numerous group exhibitions throughout the country.